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Thank you for your interest in submitting content for “Millipede.”  Please read the following disclosure and if you agree, check the “yes” box at the bottom of this document to receive our official submission agreement and shipping address.
Mega-children’s entertainment Producer, Kenn Viselman, and his itsy bitsy Entertainment Company announce an extraordinary search for content.  Anyone – including producers and students - who has ever created high quality children’s audio-visual entertainment (from anywhere in the world and in any language) is invited to submit their short-form (15 seconds to 11 minutes) original property for the chance to be included in "Millipede," scheduled to premiere in the winter of 2011.  “Millipede” is an enchanting children's television block for all of the senses that will combine a mix of the very best live-action and animated programming.

Millipede will contain the very best children’s entertainment from around the world – entertainment that is safe, fun and funny.  Featuring an array of the best children's short programs that would not traditionally fit into a specific broadcast format, “Millipede” promises to set a higher standard in preschool programming, providing the youngest of children and their caregivers a place to turn for funny, fresh and creative programming with a broader and more international flavor.  To be a part of this new phenomenon, you must own all rights to your property, which must be non-violent and suitable for all young children.

Executive produced by Kenn Viselman, who is recognized as the maverick producing partner behind the phenomenon known as Teletubbies, one of the most successful children’s brands in history.  In addition to this television production for the Western Hemisphere, his efforts include top-selling soft toys, puzzles, games, books, videos, clothing and other ancillary products.  Among his many other credits is the worldwide marketing for the unstoppable Thomas The Tank Engine, another of the world’s most successful revenue-generating licensed characters.  He was also the driving force behind the rebirth of such children’s classics as Eloise and Noddy.

Your original material must be submitted on DVD (in NTSC format) to Kenn Viselman presents…   Please note that items will not be returned, so please insure that you do not send anything you need returned.  Your submission will not be reviewed unless accompanied by a signed, fully completed submission agreement.  Our address will be provided to you upon acceptance of the terms below.  Deadline for submission is 12/11/10.
To accept all terms, click the “accept” button, then download and complete the agreement provided, which must be completed, signed and submitted along with your property.


The following sets forth the terms of the agreement (“Agreement”) between you ("Artist") and Kenn Viselman presents… ("KVP") with respect to any original children’s entertainment property(ies) which Artist (or any company substantially owned or controlled by Artist) owns or controls (“Property(ies)”) which Artist is interested in submitting to KVP for KVP’s consideration for development as part of the television series Millipede™ (“Series”). 

Artist acknowledges that KVP has an extensive history of creating and developing motion picture, television and consumer product projects.  Such development activities have preceded Artist's submission to KVP and will continue thereafter.  Although Artist may believe that Artist’s Property is original and novel, KVP's grant of permission to Artist to submit a Property shall not be determinative of the originality or novelty of the Property (or any ideas, dialogue, concepts, characters, plots, scenarios, settings, themes and/or elements contained therein [“Idea(s)”]) and shall not be construed as any acknowledgement or admission that the same or a similar Project(s) and/or Idea(s) has/have not previously been created and/or developed by KVP or any other entity or individual.  No additional rights shall be conferred upon Artist by virtue of Artist’s submission to KVP or KVP’s granting permission to Artist to do so except as expressly set forth in this Agreement.

In the event that KVP agrees to incorporate Artist’s Property(ies) in the Series (or any other project, whether or not directly related to the Series), Artist’s services and Artist’s work on Artist’s applicable Property(ies) shall be deemed a “Work For Hire” specifically ordered by KVP on financial terms to be negotiated in good faith between KVP and Artist within KVP’s standard parameters.

Further, with respect to any Property presented, submitted, created, developed and/or produced by and/or with Artist hereunder, it is of the essence of this Agreement that Artist shall not assert against KVP or any of its affiliates, assignees, licensees, directors, officers or employees, any claim or action, at law and/or in equity, including a grievance or arbitration pursuant to any applicable collective bargaining agreement, if any, based on plagiarism, idea misappropriation, infringement, or any other theory arising out of examination or alleged use by any of the foregoing of any material contained in such Property.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any dispute or claim, if any, arising out of or under this Agreement shall first be mediated before Hon. Charles “Skip” Rubin (Ret.) at Alternative Resolution Centers, Inc. (“ARC”) and if not resolved in mediation then the matter shall be submitted to binding arbitration before Hon. Charles “Skip” Rubin  (Ret.) at ARC. The parties hereto waive their rights to a jury and agree to pay the costs and fees of said arbitration on a 50/50 basis. The arbitrator’s award may be entered and confirmed as a judgment in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

This Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California.
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